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Forwarding your gmail account to Mux.

A full guide of how to link your gmail account with mux.

At mux, we know you probably thought about it at first use: “How can I receive my already subscribed emails to my mux inbox?” And, of course, we have come to the rescue!
Forwarding on Gmail.
It may seem like a lot of steps, but we assure you it is very easy to follow!! You’ll be setting up a lot of newsletter sources from your main inbox after finishing those.
1 - Creating a forwarding email
Create a forwarding address on Gmail. You will need to do this in your browser, for now!
To do that, follow these steps:
  • Click on the settings gear;
  • Click on see all settings;
  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP;
  • Click in Add a forwarding address;
  • Type your mux email;
  • Click in next;
  • Click in proceed.
  • You’re almost there :)
2 - Approving forwardings from gmail
So if everything works perfectly in the App, there is the Approval step! Here you’ll need to open your mux app. Do not close your Gmail account yet.
  1. Accept this source (the one confirming your Gmail forwarding);
  2. Then, you will receive an confirmation code from Gmail!
  3. Open this email and find the code!
  1. Type the numeric code on this box inside your Gmail.
  2. Click in Verify!
Last but not least: Filtering your newsletters!
  • On the search bar of your Gmail, search for the terms and newsletters that you want to forward. Use keywords such as “news”, “newsletter”, “subscribe” and more, always with a OR between them (you can use the full power of Gmail search to do that)!
  • After that click on Advanced search;
  • Then, click in Create filter;
  • Checkmark the “forward it to”
  • Select your mux email!
  • To finish, click in create filter
Thats it!
And you’re done. And remember you can always change or remove and forwardings from gmail on your gmail account.
The good news is that this is just a one time thing! From now on you can subscribe to newsletters using your mux e-mail directly.
Want help?
Another questions, ideas or if you just want to talk to the mux team, you can always chat with us on your profile settings :)
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